Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our New Decade!

We hope you had a Merry Christmas and are off to a Super New Year! 

This is the first time I have taken to keep you up to date what's been going on here since I wrote about my greenhouse experience, which by the way has seemed to help protect most of the plants we put into it.  I run an electric heater when the tempature drops below freezing and has been effective in keeping most of the plants from freezing.  The tempature got down to 7 degrees and with two heaters going the plants were hovering together for warmth and the hardy survived!  Yeah! 

When it's sunny I enjoy walking in and amongst the greenery on the reclaimed brick floor, it makes me appreciate now having a place to winter them till they can return to their favored places!
I truly value  Limestone Lake and  my priviledge to live and be part of it.  I have owned homes before in different places and seen lots of our country, but nothing compares.  I have no desire to go away and visit exotic or places of beauty, here I feel a connection and truly see four seasons with each one as beautiful as the other.  As a photographer, when I saw Limestone Lake I fell in love with the uniqness and opportunity to photograph people in a natural environment.
Sheryl and I see the same vision of making Limestone Lake as a magical place...a place where families are together and part of Limestone Lake for now and for years to come through their pictures.  We feel the families who come here are our friends and  become like family to us.  We have gone to photograph on locations but in a sense we feel like we are having friends over when we do their pictures here.

We feel honored and blessed to be here and to share Limestone Lake with you.