Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where has all the time gone....

Time like the moving finger has written this as another year and now is almost gone.  Here it is almost Christmas and the weather is chilly and it's time to count our blessings and we have truly been blessed.  We want to thank all of you who valued our photography for saving your cherished memory of your family in 2010. 
Limestone Lake Photography is still being chosen by families who first came to us when we opened in 1992 and many  have become friends and like family members.  We want to wish all  a Very Merry Christmas and hope your New Year will be even better.  Thanks!

Limestone Lake is a very special place to Sheryl and I.  It is even more special with the loving memory of two friends who helped build and create this place to be what it is.  Bobby Lewis came here not long after I moved here in 1992 and a friendship developed or I might say he adopted me like a younger brother.  If I needed anything done, or help, or where I could get something I needed or wanted(like our old Chevy truck) he knew everybody and just where to go to get what was wanted!  I was proud to call him a friend and we enjoyed many mornings going to eat breakfast together swapping stories.  Along with being someone who knew how to build or make anything he also had a love of photography.  I'm going to miss him and his special knock on the door and his death has affected me deeply.
                                                    Bobby Lewis 1937-2010
Limestone Lake lost another special special person four years ago who had an impact and helped get many of the projects off the ground here.  That was Dewayne Studevyn, I met him even before I moved in.  He had helped Mrs. Pat Grider a previous owner who had this stone house built and he  felt a closeness with this place before I bought it, he seemed pleased to know me and my plans for the lake. Dewayne became responsible for all of the building projects which happened here at the lake; he found the building we moved here for our back studio(used mainly for window light and high key children photography), helped and oversaw our second story living quarters addition, moved/built/renovated just about all our shooting prop areas, as well as moving and building our cabin across the lake with its storage facilities, and the list goes on!  I can't look anywhere outside or inside that hasn't been touched by the hand of Dewayne.  My grief at the loss of my two friends is touched by the the visual memories of all they did here at the lake that they both were so proud of....their accomplishments are now monuments in memory of what they accomplished here.  I was blessed to have had both as friends who not only adopted me but came here and made the Limestone Lake what it is today.