Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just the two of us!

What a great way to start the new year!  I married my best friend, the person I adore and have so much respect and admiration, which has to make me the luckiest man on earth!
I would just like for everyone to know what a remarkable person Sheryl is, of course all that come in contact with her here at Limestone Lake Photography already know this.  Even though I started Limestone Lake Photo, when Sheryl joined the staff (that sure sounds like we are a big corporation, which really is "Just the Two of Us"!) she came with experience in photography as a high school yearbook photographer and a load of talent!  Sheryl had creativity and attention to detail from the very beginning when she first came to LLP, this is one of the things which sets our studio apart from work I have seen by other professional photographers, prize winning photographers.  Sheryl knows every picture that leaves our studio and every picture we take is the reflection of who we are....quality isn't something we take lightly here.  Of course we want to provide the images our customers want, but we aren't satisfied unless we put into our pictures the very best we can accomplish, that being our very heart and soul.
Sheryl has made me a better photographer. When I see the pictures she takes after I have thought we have done our best, amazes me at just how much more she brings to light in the session.  She is still is growing as a photographer and is  modest when I tell her how much I like one of the pictures she has taken.  She, as I, feel we have never taken our best photograph and still strive to improve with every image we take.  Working with someone you love doing the thing you love most... photography... is experiencing life from a level neither of us had ever known before!
In the picture above, in the snow, we are not fighting over the camera, we are just playing as we do alot!  Our lake, the home and studio are in the background, we are truly blessed!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A new year, a new Beginning!

Sheryl and I exchanged our wedding vows January 1st on the downtown Square in Bowling Green.  We wanted a very simple exchange of rings and vows with a small gathering of friends and family outdoors unrehearsed.  January is a risky time for an outdoor wedding as weather at that time of year can be unpredictable.  There was a light rain falling when we arrived, we were not going to let that interfere with what we had looked forward to for so long.  When we walked together under an arch in the park, the rain ceased, the sun came out and smiled on us for the ceremony!   With the ceremony over and the congratulations given, back came the gentle rain as the whole thing was as if on cue.  We retired to Mariahs for a luncheon with our family and friends.  No formal photography, though several people did some candids while The Daily news was there to record the first wedding of the new year and our new magistrate Dan Rudlof's very first offical act, our wedding!

Photos courtsey of Miranda Peterson, Daily News BG KY.