Monday, May 21, 2012

Life is simple here at the lake.  It wasn't always that way.  At one time it was a hub of activity with the quarrying the stone which I always thought was used in building stately landmark buildings.  Building things always intrigued me, I can remember using the unused portions of cutoff planks from my Dad's many home additions when I was a youngster.  Seeing them go together, trying to make them have a pleasing shape, or something that looked like a house.  It was fun then and it is even fun now.

Sheryl and I had an opportunity watching the progress of a building grow from the ground up when we were asked to photograph the new Independence Bank being built.  We made quite a few trips to Scottsville Road to complete a visual record as the building progressed. At the time we were doing this, Dorian Walker of Peridot Pictures had a video time lapse camera recording it also.  Sheryl got to see this when it was shown at the John Mellencamp Concert at WKU Stadium and said it was just awesome!

This bank is a replica of famed Independence Hall in Philadelphia where our Declaration of Independence was signed.  I really liked seeing the historical pictures in each of the offices in this beautiful building which is sure to be a landmark in Bowling Green.

Back at the Lake things just kinda drift back to being the little island, a jewel of green, surrounded by a city and long healed from the steam drills, the blasting, the sounds of engines of the trucks hauling the blasted chunks of limestone to be crushed and spread on the rural roads in Warren county.  I don't feel I own this place, but just a Steward, blessed to maintain it as it is for as long as it is.  People have asked how did I come to find Limestone Lake, my reply, "I don't think I found it, I think it found me".

Whether you come to the lake for pictures or not, we hope you enjoy the the peace and solitude while here and a lasting memory through both pictures and visual stimulation of just being here.