Monday, December 24, 2012

Name Brands!

Why do people choose name brand merchandise or products?

Growing up I wasn't aware that something with a name on it would make you special or superior to people who didn't own or use that name brand product!  I did realize if you had a Broker Tree Brand knife, it would hold it's cutting edge longer or if you had a Model 37 Winchester Shotgun it would kill game farther away or even win turkey shoots.  I owned neither of these two items.

I never even owned a watch till I went away to college.  My mother gave me a 17 jewel Chalfont wrist watch with a leather band.  I liked the fact it was waterproof and shock proof, but I had buddies in high school who owned Bulova watches with expandable bands which I thought were very cool!  I realized my watch wasn't a Bulova or top brand but it was given to me by my mother who gave me what she could afford wanted me to be always be on time for my classes.  It served me well, all through college,in the military, and during my teaching; I put it away after my mother passed away. 
Looking back at this, I never owned a watch before nor felt the need for one, I guess back then I just wasn't in to time!

I remember when Izod polo shirts became the very in thing to wear, the alligator, no matter where you went, it seemed acceptable and you felt cool.....because they cost more and everyone knew it.  Now people wear Aeropostle, Old Navy, Hollister and  other sundry names, but to me I always think of them as everyday casual shirts advertisements for that company.....and I don't wear them. To each their own.

We don't do weddings anymore, not because we didn't enjoy them or they were sometimes difficult, but it had more to do with making a commitments for something one to two years away.  We learned alot about photography and people when we did weddings. I used to get a kick out of seeing what other photographers were charging for their weddings and the names they gave to each offering: Dynasty(just the word sounds expensive!), Royal(you knew that one was pretty far up the cost scale) or the packages which were named after precious metals...Platinum Package, Gold, Silver, or Bronze(no matter what was offered in this package you knew it was a very affordable package); then there were the stones packages: Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, or Pearl.  The more costly the package the more you got, like larger albums, parent albums,enlargements, proofs and on and on.  I may have even been guilty of some of this in the beginning as I wanted to be looked at as someone who could produce a "Dynasty Wedding" very similar to everyone else.  However we came to our senses and gave our offerings in numbers; like Roman Numerals package I, II, III and hoped it was easier on our clients in keeping straight faces when they discussed our wedding offerings!

Quality to me is what makes a product desirable.  When I see advertising which states "New and Improved" I have come to expect that what they are really saying is "Cheaper made and inferior". When I used to see the term "Tailor Made" it meant made specifically made for an individual to exact specifications, to me that meant quality.  "Signature" also meant to me that if a person put their name on something they were selling, it  meant they assured that item had quality and they were proud to put their name on it.

At Limestone Lake Photography we want what we do to be the best possible and have the quality you  will be proud to display. We want your experience here to feel and be Tailor Made for you,  which  was part of the reason you chose us.  In this day of mass production we feel what we want to give you  is something which is totally unique and a one of a kind accomplishment.  When our photographs leave here, we want not only you to think and feel these are your best pictures ever, but we want that feeling also.  We feel rewarded when our customers are happy with our photographs and compliments inspire us.  The knowledge we have possibly never done our best no matter how good it is keeps our desire to improve foremost in our minds and striving to do even better next time.

We wish every photograph that leaves here to be as cherished as art and for us to be proud to be able to offer something we feel is worthy of placing our Signature on.  We are not a Big Name Brand place, nor will you see people walking around with clothing with our name on it; but it sure makes us feel good when told "I've heard of Limestone Lake and seen some beautiful pictures from there!"
We are very happy to live her and to be able to share this place with you in pictures and to be a "House Hold" name in your family rather than only just a "Brand Name!"

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