Monday, March 25, 2013

Dreams Can Come True!

In this day and age many people have dreams!
During the 20 years at Limestone Lake we have photograped many very beautiful and pretty girls.  Some of them have expressed a fantasy of becoming a model, some of them could have done that had they pursued that dream.

Three things are necessary to become a model:
1.  You need to be the size and shape of a model, tall and thin, and photogenic.  A  slender face with high cheeks bones, beautiful hair, and look good in each photograph.

2.  You have to relay different expressions and to be in communication with the camera, be able to maintain and put forth the different expressions from within.

3.   And maybe most of all, you need the opportunity of being discovered! 

In 2010 we were photographing a senior girl who was very quiet and shy.  We noticed she had a different look in the camera. We asked her dad if she had ever thought about being a model, he replied that she had never been in a pagent or had any pictures taken except the school pictures. I told him what I was seeing in the camera and with her size and face, I thought just maybe it might be something she should try.
About that time a friend who owns a very large business pulled in to pick up some pictures and saw we were photographing this girl. When he walked over I said "Dave, we have a New York model here for pictures." He said "Really?" I then told him she was a shy teenager from Mulheburg County here for her senior pictures. He stated that he had believed me and also thought she could very well model.


This is what we were seeing!  We never push anyone toward being a model as we had seen ads which advertised for models and had seen some of those almost as a scam for persons that never really had what it took to be a model.  We did talk about what if and felt Brittany had a chance if she desired to explore the possibility.  After we finished the senior session and as they were leaving, her dad stopped the car and came back in and asked if we "really" felt she could be a model.  One year after her senior pics she decided to enter her first ever pagent the  Miss American Miss Pagent just for the experience of it.  She didn't win the pagent, but better, she was discovered! 

As of to date she has been modelling in Spain, Italy, and Turkey and is becoming well known in the USA.  One of her latest assignments was with Levi Strauss and she will be in New York for the next six months.
We want to wish her continued success and we feel she has what it takes to become one of the top and best known models. We know her parents are very proud of her accomplishment and we are very much also!  Sometimes even when you never dream or think things possible, your dreams come true!

Brittany's  name was changed to her professional name of Brit Wood and you can see a small town girl from Bremen, Ky with a very bright future is on her way!  Google her name Brit Wood or view some of her work via this link:,d.dmg

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Great thing that you did for her...maybe others too.